Soul Dogs
Band Review
by Vicki Wright
Warner Brothers Television
I just wanted to write a review about this incredible singer, songwriter and musician that I have been following for about four years now. I first came across Sharon Benson when she was in the band Token Angel. I enjoyed the band very much and found the lyrics very positive and spiritual.
Sharon now fronts the band Soul Dogs with her Co-Producer from Token Angel, Lewis Wolfe. They have been making music together for years and have teamed up with Robert "Wayno" Switzer and Chris Colquhoun. They have great chemistry together and an incredible presence on stage. Sharon plays the violin and guitar with a true passion. Lewis adds a lot of soul on the bass, and Chris and Wayno will keep you tapping your feet.
I've had the opportunity to see them on many occasions and I can say that the audience loved them. Soul Dogs often plays at Coffee Junction to a packed house that overflows into the parking lot. Sharon's energy and special ability to make eye contact with the entire house makes for an exciting performance, which feels like I'm being serenaded in my living room. Soul Dogs is a blend of rock, jazz, blues, soul and funk - something for everyone, guaranteed to get you dancing and even make you weep during their soulful ballads. I hope your readers will get e chance to see them soon.
I've been in the entertainment industry for fifteen years and have seen a lot of artists come and go. I know Sharon and her music will be around for a long time.
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