"JOURNEY" - Music Samples


Poppy's Voodoo
Deep Inside of Me
You Rescued Me
Talk To Me
Gotta Say Goodbye
You Don't Love Me
Love Yourself
Someone Like You
I Got My Dream
There's a Place

An alternative blend of Funk, Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Blues. A unique group, driven by the powerful vocals and lyrics of Sharon Benson; rock solid bass lines of C. J. III; steady, rhythmic drumming of Leslie Daniel; and the sensitive, melodic guitar of Benjamin Lein. This music is infectious.

This CD exemplifies their musical diversity. The album starts with with the haunting, rhythmic power of POPPY'S VOODOO; a celebration of the seductive mysteries of warm dark nights, windblown trees, and silver clouds racing past a full moon.

The music changes pace with DEEP INSIDE OF ME; a love song. A ballad of sorts, just Sharon and Chris. It showcases Sharon's voice and writing; and depth.

The more upbeat YOU RESCUED ME follows. Friend? Lover? We all have someone we could say this to; the lucky ones, anyway.

Next is TALK TO ME. If you close your eyes while listening to this moody, blues based Jazz tune, you can almost smell the smoke of a dark, overcrowded bar.

The fifth song, GOTTA SAY GOODBYE, can bring tears to anyone who's been there.

YOU DON'T LOVE ME. And you're going to find out just how that makes her feel. The sixth song on the album is more than a bit angry about it; as well it should be.

YOU is a deceptively simple title for a uniquely complex song. The power and passion of surrender and betrayal. What's left afterward?

Eighth on the album is LOVE YOURSELF; straight ahead funk that'll make you want to get up and get your groove on.

The mood changes again, as life does, with the introspective SOMEONE LIKE YOU; an open look at the vulnerability the start of a new relationship can bring.

The next song here is I GOT MY DREAM, a celebration of sorts about someone who refused to listen to the people who said "don't try."

Almost at the end you find JOURNEY, a fast-paced alternative rock song that lures the listener into it's captivating chants, melodies and brisk syncopation.

The last song is "THERE'S A PLACE." This one's an instrumental; with Chris on piano and Sharon on violin. There's a place we all have; either one we remember or one where we go to in our dreams. Music can take us there. For Chris the song means one thing, for Sharon something else; but they both found their place and brought it to the music.

There you have it. The 'Dogs are in studio right now working on their second CD "Cool Surrender", but this one is is available right now!

You can purchase "Journey" at CD Baby .

Sharon can also be heard performing with her previous band Token Angel.

You can purchase Token Angel's "Let It Go" cd on CD Baby.

CD Baby is your BEST source for Indie CDs on the Internet!

We hope you enjoy this music as much as they enjoy playing it!

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*Leslie does not appear on this album, but is the drummer for Soul Dogs.
*This CD features Lewis Wolfe on bass.