Soul Dogs at Forest Jam: Can this much fun be legal?
More of What They're Saying:
"The paper is on the street now. There will be thousands of copies available at the festival. See you Saturday.
P.S. Count yourself as the first 'topless' woman to ever appear in Coastal View!"
Michael VanStry
Publisher/Production Editor
Coastal View News
Carpinteria, CA
(About the Carpenteria Avocado Festival)
"Benson is a born performer. Her exuberant presence lights up the room. Benson gives it all she's got and then some - movin' and groovin'; encouraging audience participation and commanding undivided attention. Sharon Benson and friends put on a classy show, full of fun and memorable tunes . . ."
Neil E. Gorov
Music Connection Magazine
"Benson's vocals were electric . . . her harmonies blended perfectly with Grande's voice. Benson also played an expressive violin, exhibiting a wide range of licks . . . (her) haunting violin lines completed the mood."
Sara Miller
The Best Kept Secret in LA's Acoustic Music Scene
"She enjoys performing . . . as well as singing and playing the violin for recording studio projects . . . and has often found her music to be expressive of her desire to promote happiness."
Entertainment Today
"They seem to ignite the same ecstatic passion "out there" that they put into their own work. Especially when lead singer, Sharon, leaps off the stage playing a solo on her cordless electric violin during the song . . ."
Melany T. Ballard
"Unusual, well constructed melodies are the foundation of their sound, and their songs range from foot tappy up beat to beautiful haunting ballads."
Valley Java Magazine
"Sharon Benson, lead singer and guitarist for 'Soul Dogs,' belts out a tune . . ."
Associated Press
"Benson plays incredible, soulful violin, viola, and mandolin that add a sensual quality . . ."
Lori Medigovich
Listening to u and watching you Sat. Nite reminded me somewhat of Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull; the way when u started playing, YOU virtually were the music/spirit/soul spinning the delicious web that permeated the crowd and wrapped around us...being a musician myself(i play guitar, drums, keys, harmonica, sing(kinda like Lou Reed)), i could see/feel that the music was real and a part of u, i didnt see any posing (what i call when a performer strikes a pose or does just the right thing that they think the audience wants to see)... you were a vessel that the music spirit flowed thru, using your talents to speak to the crowd (it definitely spoke to me).
Reverend Joel McDevitt

Please forgive my tardiness in thanking you for such a delightful and well-received performance at the Lakich inaugural opening on February 17th. We have received many many positive comments on your music and are still receiving good notices from a variety of people. Soul Dogs were a perfect match for the exuberance and diversity of the guests and your music with its range of styles reflected our inclusive nature at the galleries very well.

Louise Lewis, Director

CSUN Art Galleries

I was lucky enough to get to see Soul Dogs perform tunes from their upcoming CD Journey and they were hauntingly delightful. Straight-forward folk rock over-brimming with good playing and soulful vocals. Singer/songwriter Sharon Benson (also violin/guitar) has put together some shockingly good tunes that make you want to laugh, cry, shake your ass and save the planet all at the same time!

Sheena Metal

Rock City News

"Best of luck and I really enjoy the music. It is very sincere and honest and I hope it takes you to where you want to be musically, thanks!"

Wayne Perez

Goblynz Groove Media

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